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 Đề thi Anh THPT chuyên Hà Tĩnh năm 2009-2010

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Status : Chúc cả lớp vui Tết nhá!!
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Đề thi Anh THPT chuyên Hà Tĩnh năm 2009-2010   Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:42 pm

Đề thi Anh THPT chuyên Hà Tĩnh năm 2009-2010

Part 1:Choose the world whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest
1.A. hope B.stop C.slope D.cope
2. A. technical B.attention C.event D. talent
3. A.encounter B.enter C. enlarge D.entrust
4. A.call B.count C.centre D. cable
5. A. pure B.durable C.cure D.pursue
6. A. share B.care C. fair D.large
7. A.guidance B.genius C.gene D.generous
8. A.meat B.seat C.feeding D. thread
9. A. worse B.world C.worth D.wonder
10. A. debate B.replace C.case D. palace

Part 2:Choose the correct word or phrase in brackets to complete the sentence
1.What (is/does/was/did) your sister like?She is funny and intelligent.
2.If I knew you (were/had been/are/would be) busy,I wouldn’t disturb you.
3.The man (coming/comes/is coming/to come) towards us is an egineer
4.if you had come to the party,you (would meet/would have met/had met/met) her
5.The company (which/whose/that/where) employees are on strike is closing down soon
6.Water (boil/is boiling/boils/was boling) at 100*C
7.Sunday is a holiday (which/that/where/when) most people rest
8.When she was cooking dinner,she (cuts/cut/was cutting/is cutting) her finger
9.I have lived here since I (am/have been/will be/was) 10
10.They would be angry if you (aren’t/don’t/won’t/didn’t) visit them
11.That will you do if you (win/won/had won/will win) a million dollars?
12.If you stay up late,you (feel/felt/would feel/will feel) sleepy the next morning
13.(Fewer/As few/There are few/Few) places which attract so many visitors as Venice,Italy
14.He was (stolen/robbed/removed/taken) of all his money
15.I (expect/wait/hope/suspect) him to arrive in a fortnight
16.The question was difficult therefore (few/a lot of/a few/a bit of) students could answer it
17.The people in the theatre are the (audience/lookers/observers/watchers)
18.If you live in a house which is not yours you have to pay a (fee/rent/fare/charge)
19.The person who desings a house is the (engineer/architect/painter/builder)
20.Can you (exchange/change/give/offer) a pound note?I need some coins for the telephone box

Part 3:Choose the best answer to fill in each of the gaps in the text below
There’s now increasing concern about the world’s energy resources,particularly about those involving fossil (1)_____.In less than a hundred years we shall probably (2)______ all the present (3)_______ of oil and gas.The world’s coal (4)_______ should last longer but,once used,these can not be (5)________.
It is important,therefore,that we should develop such (6)________ sources of energy as solar energy and nuclear energy as well as water and wind (7)_____(classed as (8)_____ energy).Until these energy (9)________ are widely used,it is important for the developed countries to reduce energy (10)_______ as much as possible.
1.A.fuels B.powers C.forms D.energies
2. A.end B.complete C.total D.exhaust
3. A.findings B.productions C.amounts D. sources
4. A.reserves B.stores C.mines D. contents
5. A.updated B.repeated C.renewed D.produced
6. A.traditional B.alternative C. surprising D.revolutinary
7. A.force B.strength C. power D.motion
8. A.repeatable B.continual C.renewable D.continuous
9. A.goods B.supplies C.provisions D.materials
10. A.exhaustion B.destruction C.waste D.consumption

Part 4:Give the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the following sentences
1.Nowadays laser beams can be used to treat(deaf)_______
2.Thousands of (science)_______are working hard to find out remedies to swine flu.
3.Only five (apply)_______were shorlisted for the interview.
4.Peter drives very (care)_______.He’s hardly had a minor accident.
5.My father has lately (success)________in giving up smoking.
6.After the eartquake,very few people were found to be (live)_____.
7.Your son is very naughty.He has cut himself again,and it is (blood)______badly.
8.The doctor tried to (health)_______the soldier’s wound in a fierce battle.
9.She is a studious pupil.She always listens (attention)______to her teachers’ lessons.
10.Whenever there are food (short)________people immediately preserve food.

Part 5:Choose the word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting
1.He spent two hours to translate this text into English yesterday morning
2.We are going on a trip to a countryside with our classmates next month
3.Many of the peoples in my home village have lived in their village all their lives.
4.First the examiner asked me what my name was ,and where I come from.
5.Could you send me some information about a possibly course that I can take?
6.They who arrive early will get the best selection of seats.
7.Fertilize farmland is one of the biggest natural resources in the Central States.
8.There are many different ways of comparing the economy of one nation with those of another.
9.Drug addition has resulted of many destroyed careers and expulsions from scool or college.
10.The company did not want to hire a man that his experiment was so limited.
11.I have a very interested job because as a journalist I meet many people.
12.My boss watches me closely and lets me know how I am doing and tells me if I am doing bad.
13.You probably have never heard of my country where I live because it’s vary far of your home.
14.I woud like you see some pictures of my country and I will attach them to my next report.
15.I am trying since I was at school to learn a foreign language but it was difficult for me.
16.On their very first evening he told his wife he was just going out for a short walking but it was really to buy her some flowers.
17.He found a shop quickly and brought the flowers but he couldn’t get back to the hotel.
18.I have eaten too many of those greasy bacon pies,and now I feel sickly.
19.He was upset last Monday morning by her bad attitudes.
20.My brother is not old enough for driving a car.

Part 6:Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word
Geogre Washington was born on February 22nd,1732 in Virginia.His (1)_______ were Augustine and Mary Whasington.Geogre (2)_______ up on a farm in Virginia.Little is (3)_______ of his early childhood.He attended (4)_______ irregularly from his 7th to his 15th year.His (5)_______ subject was mathematics.He learned to be a surveyor or land when he grew up.He (6)_______ the army and was a leader during the American Revolution.He later became the first (7)_______ of the United State. Geogre Washington is (8)_______ by his people the “Father of our country”.The American (9)_______ his birthday on President’Day in February.His (10)_______ is one-dollar bill.

Part 7:Rewrite the following sentences,begin as shown and keep the meaning unchanged
1.The flight from Bangkok to London lasted for more than twelve hours.
-->It took.......................................
2.No decsion on the issue has been made yet
3.It was such a boring film that she felt asleep.
-->The film.......................................
4.One of my favourite pastimes is watching plays.
5.You can borrow the car but you’ve got to fill it up with petrol.
6.It’s quite pointless to complain about the situation.
-->There is no.......................................
7.She spends too much mooney on clothing.
8.You are the worst footballer in the world.
-->No one.......................................
9.Susan finds it easy to make friends at her new school.
-->Susan has no.......................................
10.There are a lot of vehicles on the board today.
-->There is .......................................

Part 8:Use the words given to make meaningful sentences so as to complete a story
1.man/holiday/London/first time
5.next day/he/go/sightseeing/round/London
6.he/satisfy/enjoy/visit/much/as/it/one/most beautiful cities/world
8.he/tired/want/go back/hotel/get/some sleep
9.unfortunately/he/not remember/name/address/hotel
10.late that night/wife/receive/strange/telegram/say/“please/send/name/address/hotel/at once”.


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Status : Chúc cả lớp vui Tết nhá!!
Tổng số bài gửi : 66
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tks admin
Sẽ làm thư dù biêt' chăc' không good cười nhăn răng:D
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Đề thi Anh THPT chuyên Hà Tĩnh năm 2009-2010

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